5 Lessons Robin Williams Taught Me

This is wonderful.

The Perfect Dad

I don’t have much to say about Robin Williams’ death. A lot has been said already and all I can add is that I’m saddened, depression is real, and if you need help don’t be ashamed to seek it.

His movies have shaped much of my worldview and I have a lot to say about them. I realize 1) That these films were written by other people and 2) He embodied these characters and improved half of his lines. I couldn’t see anyone else playing these parts. I will watch all of these movies with my kids one day and hope they learn these same lessons:


Mrs. Doubtfire fireFathers can be whacky, irresponsible, and unreliable. Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams) was that kind of father and it drove his wife (Sally Field) to get a divorce. The judge finds Daniel unstable. His wife gets custody…

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